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Designing of electrical and automation systems
Maintenance and repair works of electrical motors and transformers
Rotating machinery monitoring and diagnostics, balancing, laser alignment, thermovisual study
Instrumentation and automation devises intended to measure and control flow, level, pressure, temperature, technological processes, repair, maintenance, technical supervision
Technological industrial processes automation: Distributed control systems (DCS) Emerson DeltaV, Invensys Foxboro; SCADA system Siemens, Schneider, Wonderware
HVAC systems installation, repair and maintenance

Certificates and Permits


The company is certified to be a special structure construction contractor.

Residential and non-residential buildings ;
Engineer networks: electrical (up to 400 kV voltage), electronic communications infrastructure.

Construction areas:
Power supply and distribution equipment installation;
Structure electrical engineering systems installation;
Process control and automation systems installation;
Structure remote link (telecommunication) engineering systems installation;
Structure alarm systems;
Fire safety alarm engineering systems installation;
Structure engineering systems commissioning works.

Electrical equipment operation works:
Operation works of el. motors and generators, capacity from 30 kW to 1 MW;
Electrical substations and switchyards up to 400 kV voltage repair works;
Power network repair works, voltage up to 110 kV and testing;
Technologic control, relay protection, automation and control systems technical supervision and maintenance works;
Repair of construction;
Special electrical equipment and installations operation and maintenance.

Liquefied petroleum gas unit’s automation, accounting and control systems maintenance;
Heat units up to 25.5 MPa pressure protection, automation and control systems operation works;
Repair of auxiliary units;
Operation works of el. motors and generators, capacity over 1 MW (up to 160 MW);
Turbines shut-off and control systems armatures repair works;
Crude oil and/or petroleum product (except for liquefied petroleum gas) and liquid fuel units automation and control systems operation works;
Main pipeline, crude oil or crude oil products (except for liquefied petroleum gas) and others liquid fuel pipelines technical supervision; liquid fuel terminals, storage equipment and of them commodities repair, technical supervision and commissioning works;
Fuel tanks up to 1000 m3 and more including commodities of them technical supervision and commissioning works;
Liquid fuels equipment automation and control systems;
Protection of electrochemical corrosion equipment operating works;
Stationary refrigerating, air conditioning equipment, heat pumps, with no more than 300 kg fluorinated gases or them particles, installation, operation and maintenance;
Integrated Management System: electrical and automation systems installation, repair and maintenance;
Safety valves and pipelines control valves repair;
According standards: OHSAS 18001:2007/ LST1977:2008; ISO 14001:2004/ LSTEN ISO 14001:2005; ISO 9001:2008/ LST EN ISO 9001:2008.

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