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Designing of electrical and automation systems
Maintenance and repair works of electrical motors and transformers
Rotating machinery monitoring and diagnostics, balancing, laser alignment, thermovisual study
Instrumentation and automation devises intended to measure and control flow, level, pressure, temperature, technological processes, repair, maintenance, technical supervision
Technological industrial processes automation: Distributed control systems (DCS) Emerson DeltaV, Invensys Foxboro; SCADA system Siemens, Schneider, Wonderware
HVAC systems installation, repair and maintenance

Control of Power Systems

  • Relay protection and automation equipment up to 110 kV testing;
  • Electrical equipment insulation resistance measurement, tgδ measurement;
  • High pot voltage testing of insulation of electrical equipment;
  • Insulation oil testing, chromatography;
  • Insulation, grounding resistance measurements;
  • Lighting protection equipment testing;
  • Electricity metering devises control inspection, repair and installation;
  • Cable and water supply traces fault location inspection;
  • Switchyards maintenance, repair, installation;
  • Synchronous electrical motors and generators excitation systems maintenance, installation and commissioning works;
  • UPS systems and battery’s maintenance, installation and commissioning works;
  • Power electronics systems maintenance, installation and commissioning works;
  • Soft starters and frequency drives maintenance, installation and commissioning works.
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